Quote of the Day

From the great Robert Higgs.

"Economic policy is the name given to such attempts by government officials, their consultants, and their contractors. For the general public, economic policy is a tragic matter because regardless of what the man in the street may think, the government’s actions almost invariably make economic life worse than it would have been had the policy makers kept their hands off of it."

Or as someone else said: nothing more than a gigantic grift, theft and fraud machine.

Keep on voting, paying your taxes, and sending your sons and daughters to die for these worthless sacks of shit you call “government”. They will gladly continue to suck the very last drop of blood out of your life and move on to the next victim all the while getting fatter and richer by the day.

Hope y’all are good with that.

Getting Back to Basics

I rolled by this sign fourteen years ago during the first stage of the Killington Stage Race. At that exact moment I really wanted to quit the race and probably cycling all together. Against my better judgement I continued on.

This weekend marks the first time I’ve been back to that side of Brandon Gap. No race this time for me.

It’s still long and still steep at the top.

And I’ll probably again continue on against my better judgement.

And A Bit More On Libertarians

I’m really starting to like this guy.

The 10 reasons are genius.

And quite correct.

Just To Clear Things Up

I’ve been noticing a few more folks identifying themselves a Libertarians. That’s all well and good but in many cases after a little back and forth it becomes quite apparent that some of these folks really have no idea what libertarianism means and just exactly what it takes.

Sure there is a National Libertarian Party. And just like The Democrat Party or The Republican Party, anyone can join up and take part. The difference is that neither Republicanism or Democratism (yah, I know that’s not a word and that proves my point) are anything but labels for clubs. They are not cohesive ideologies. So too can be said for The Libertarian Party. It is nothing more than a political party.

I’ll leave my opinion of that party out of this. But Libertarianism is a pretty simple thing.

Leave it to Lew Rockwell to set the record straight:

"Libertarianism is concerned with the use of violence in society. That is all. It is not anything else. It is not feminism. It is not egalitarianism (except in a functional sense: everyone equally lacks the authority to aggress against anyone else). It has nothing to say about aesthetics. It has nothing to say about race or nationality. It has nothing to do with left-wing campaigns against “white privilege,” unless that privilege is state-supplied.

Let me repeat: the only “privilege” that matters to a libertarian qua libertarian is the kind that comes from the barrel of the state’s gun. Disagree with this statement if you like, but in that case you will have to substitute some word other than libertarian to describe your philosophy.

Libertarians are of course free to concern themselves with issues like feminism and egalitarianism. But their interest in those issues has nothing to do with, and is not required by or a necessary feature of, their libertarianism. Accordingly, they may not impose these preferences on other libertarians, or portray themselves as fuller, more consistent, or more complete libertarians. We have seen enough of our words twisted and appropriated by others. We do not mean to let them have libertarian.”

Emphasis mine.

In other words it’s kind of a take it or leave deal. So if you are down with the Ron Paul sort of foreign policy of non-interventionism but think that perhaps, say The Affordable Care Act is a good idea and that a European style single payer system for “healthcare” is an even better way for a society to provide the “right” to medical treatment, then by all means join the Libertarian Party and vote your heart out.

Just do not call yourself a libertarian.

Cause you’re not.

Not What You Thought You Were Voting For, Huh?

Some of us knew. Some of us even went so far as to say straight to friends’ faces that the Obama hype a related propaganda, the excitement was down right HITLERIAN.

In like a NAZI Germany kind of way. Or maybe just the American way of FDR who sanctioned a saber rattled this nation into war decades ago.

I post this simple link here.

IN a very short little space, Robert Wenzel shows you exactly the type of lying, murdering, warmongering, shit starting, delusion, imperialist, head of The Empire ALL YOU FUCKING IGNORANT JACKASSES elected.

End the wars my ass.

Hope y’all are good with that.


Quote of the Day

"The government I live under has been my enemy all my active life. When it has not been engaged in silencing me it has been engaged in robbing me. So far as I can recall I have never had any contact with it that was not an outrage on my dignity and an attack on my security."

- H.L. Mencken, April 1, 1945

from EPJ

which you should read every day.

The Three Stooges

In light of recent events thousands of miles away from anything remotely important to the prisoners citizens of this idiocracy, I figured a blast from the past would be fitting and perhaps instructive.

Here we have a little get together back in the 40’s. Kinda like psychopaths old school style.

For whatever reason guys like these are intent to get out and about waving their dicks around (and usually sending a few thousand or so young men to do their fighting for them) whenever another one of the sociopath club starts to “act up”. 

So today we have Vlad, Barry, John, and whatever idiot is laying claim to Ukraine for the moment, drawing “red lines” and casting dire warnings about a dead broke, piss ass “country” that has nothing to offer save for a fucking warm water port and the fact that they survived a good bout of genocide doled out by the guy on the right in the picture above all because-well, I really don’t know perhaps Stalin just flipped a fucking coin on who to kill that year sorta like how FDR would pick out the price of gold for the day because he liked the way twenty-one sounded.

You see that’s the essence here. It really doesn’t matter what decade it is, what world event is unfolding before us. These guys are always with us. They never change and they never will.

We are ruled by a group of complete psychopaths. The fact that a majority of the voting public deludes themselves into thinking otherwise does not change the fact that each and every one of the aforementioned cast of characters as well as the jokers in the photo are nothing more than mass murderers.

Keep that in mind as you ponder the song and dance that unfolds in Crimea.

China, Debt, Gold, and The Olympic Curse

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

China is going to crash and it’s not going to be pretty.

Now most folks look at the last 30 years or so as the great Chinese miracle. The year on year astounding growth, the modernization of the backward Maoist nightmare through a mix of “capitalism” and just smarter central planning than everyone else who tried it before.

But I maintain that due to demographics, the lack of mainland Chinese resources and the very same central planning that guys like Thomas “The Dumbest Guy in the Room” Friedman have long gushed about in both his insipid books and particularly inane columns, will cause a crash of monumental proportion.

And that’s not even mentioning the Chinese debt problem.

While we here in the US complain about government boondoggles of “bridges to nowhere” or $600 hammers bought by The Pentagram out of bloated “defense” budgets, The Chinese have built entire cities that lay vacant to go along with the rampant explosion of commercial real estate, skyscrapers and such; and it’s all built on debt. Debt that cannot and will not be paid back.

I have in the past reckoned that the trillions of US Treasuries held by China would be the hot potato when push comes to shove and that when The US defaults China will be left holding the bag while we fold up our tents of Empire turn inward, hunker down and ride out the storm. While that scenario is probably wishful thinking in light of the idiocracy that runs the show in DC and “Wall Street”, It remains a liability or an exposure for the descendents of Mao. Couple that with the fact that China cannot feed itself and must purchase its energy (read oil) abroad and, well…

Then of course there is The Olympic Curse.

Now this one is entirely mine and allows me to put a target date on the impending shit show. Taking into account the modern Olympic Games as a guideline, one can predict that 2017 will see the reckoning in The People’s Republik.

The scenario goes like this. Take the great totalitarian, murderous dictatorships of the 20th century Germany, China, And The Soviet Union and nark their hosting of the summer games. In the case of Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s USSR they were only able to last another 9 years after they gussied up their respective prisons and held their respective propaganda displays in the summers of 1936 and 1980.

In 2008 China played host to the party by rounding up homeless, having it’s slaves clean out polluted seas with cups in hand, and prayed that the smog that hangs over Bejing didn’t create a smoke screen that would obstruct the view of the smoke screen built by The Party to show the world just how smart and perfect their brand of central planning tyranny can be.

And for the most part it worked. Western media bought it hook line and sinker. But the underlying house of cards remained and in fact grew in the following five years in such a way the China established a debt based banking sector in five years that is now the equivalent of The US sector which was built over the course of A CENTURY.

That’s not going to end well.

There is but one contradicting premise to China’s downturn. And that is their ongoing stockpiling of gold.

As I said recently that if Germany would just leave the Euro and start issuing gold Deutsch Marks, they’d rule the world. Of course they don’t have “their” gold; the idiots in Berlin left it in the charge of The Criminal Entity Known as The New York Fed and have been trying rather unsuccessfully to repatriate the bullion which is most likely not there.

The Chinese on the other hand understand that you need to actually hold the phys and have been on a buying tear. If they amass enough bullion, default on their debt before we sack them with ours, and then issue a gold backed Yuan, well then the rest of us could well be fuct.

It’s a fucking race to the bottom.

Quote of the Day

From the one and only Dr. Walter Block:

"There but for the grace of something or other go I.”

(emphasis mine)

If you do not know who Mr. Block is, you should. After you put the name into the google, make sure and ACTUALLY READ the words the man has written-they’re everywhere-and THEN take the indulgence of reading the shit stain hit piece in The New York Slimes that probably is at the top of the hit list after the original search.

Perhaps if a few more people were as intellectually honest a Dr. Block instead of relying on emotional, hate filled, fearful and just ignorant ideas when it comes to their politics, this world might be a slightly better place.

Redneck Rides On

Chris Horner’s patience and determination pays off.

After getting left out of the youth movement at Trek and poised to become the first (?) Grand Tour winner to be left unsigned followeing his victory, Lampre stepped up to the plate to sign the 42 year old and has charged him with riding both The Giro and The Vuelta for the win.

With the current list of contenders headed to Belfast for the Giro start in May, I’m betting that the Italian Grand Tour once again will be far more exciting than that race in France in July.

Here’s to hoping that Redneck can light it up again when the roads get steep. He’ll have a short leash on him come May. But he might have some allies in the mountains looking to disatnce themselves from the likes of Ritchie Porte and others who can time trial with the big boys.

Regardless I will repeat what I said months ago:

Ignore Chris Horner at your own peril.